Retirement Savings Plan BenefitTabs™

  • Participant Directed

  • Trustee Directed

    Historically, until 6/30/2002, all investments within the plan were directed by the Board of Trustees who acted upon professional advice and used professional management of investments. Most of the plans assets are still managed in this way.

    Although everyone is encouraged to affirmatively select their investment options, your account will be invested in a default fund selected by the Trustees if you do not choose to self direct. Currently, the default fund is the SFEW Trustee Directed Fund. The SFEW income and equity manager for this fund is Dodge & Cox. The fund invests approximately 65% of its assets in fixed income, 30% in equity investments, and 5% in a commodity fund managed by Credit Suisse.

  • Participant Election

    Some participants find that the investment strategy chosen for the collective assets of the plan by the trustees do not match either their personal financial situation or their individual tolerance for risk. For example, some participants may be willing to take on a greater level of risk in order to have the possibility of achieving higher investment returns.

  • Investment Education Program

    The plan offers an online investment education workshop which is designed to give you the necessary information and tools to manage your own investments and periodically offers on-site education programs. Since there are a variety of risks associated with each kind of investment, this is a critical safeguard which ensures that you understand the principles of prudent investment management. This includes, among other things, an understanding of the various asset classes available, the risk/return expectations of each, the nature of market volatility, and the design of an asset allocation appropriate to your individual circumstances and risk tolerance.

  • Advantages to Self-Direction:

    There are several advantages to self-direction:

    • You will be able to choose from a wide range of investment options from Fidelity Investments and Dodge & Cox.
    • You will have the flexibility to change the investments in your self-directed account as your needs change.
  • What fund investment options are currently available and how can I get started in self directing my account?

    Your investment choices are available at the Fidelity Investment website or you may obtain the information by calling a Fidelity Service Representative at 866-84-UNION.