Health and Welfare Summary Plan Description

5.2 Dependent Coverage upon Death of Participant.

Upon a Participant's death, the Participant's surviving Dependents will continue to be covered until the Participant's Hour Bank (if any) has been exhausted. If the Participant dies while a Regular or Disabled Retiree, the Participant's Dependents will remain eligible for Plan coverage after the Participant's death. If the Participant died before becoming a Regular or Disabled Retiree, then the Participant's Dependents will be eligible for coverage if the Participant would have met the requirements for Regular Retiree coverage contained in Section 4.1, determined without regard to the age 62 requirement. The surviving Dependents (as a family unit) must pay Retiree Monthly Coverage Payments as described in Section 4.4, though the Board may establish a separate premium level for surviving Dependents. Coverage of a surviving Spouse will cease upon the Spouse's remarriage.